Questions On Ethics And Ethics Essay

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Chapter one of issues and Ethics in the Helping Professions covers a lot more than I expected. When I started the first chapter of this text , “Introduction to Professional Ethics,” I truly thought it was just a text on stuff I was going to have to memorize however it was clear real fast that the author not only wanted the reader to read but to engage in it and understand what was going on. I could tell this because of the way the end of chapter assessments were they were at the end of the chapter yet it was suggested to take them in the beginning before you even read the chapter and the end after you read the chapter to see the difference. You were to think in gray-unknown way rather than a black and white way as stated in the text. What I took a way from this chapter was that the author was trying to get the reader to understand, to step away and try something new even if you were unconfutable doing so and that was to build your confidence. After skimming all of the chapters, I thought to myself for a minute and then I read chapter one, one of my favorite parts of this text is that it provides you with the chance to self-test yourself with their Self- Assessment that they have at the end of a chapter. Then you can reflect on the chapter and engage with it more than just saying “oh I read the chapter now what.” Or saying what I always do because reading is a struggle for me “What did I just read?” In my life I have always struggle with getting the answer right no matter…

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