Questions On Donald Drumpf 's 30 Of The Commerce Act 1986 Essay

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I have been asked to provide an opinion on whether Donald Drumpf could claim that s 30 of the Commerce Act 1986 has been breached by Ernie Panders and Hilary Linten. To establish a breach two elements must be satisfied. First, there must be a contract, arrangement or understanding between the parties (Hilary and Ernie). Second, there must be a provision thereof which has the purpose of/has/is likely to have the effect of fixing, controlling, or maintaining, or providing for fixing, maintaining or controlling of the price for goods. Additionally, the parties must be in competition with each other and supply the goods in question. Both later requirements are satisfied on the facts. The onus for establishing that the first two elements have been satisfied to the civil standard rests with Donald as the plaintiff.
I A Contract, Agreement or Understanding
This analysis focusses on whether there is an arrangement/understanding as the facts do not suggest any intention by Ernie or Hilary to create legal relations so it is unlikely a contract was formed. Auckland Regional Authority v Mutual Rental Cars (Auckland Airport) Limited confirmed there is no differentiation between arrangements and understandings in this context, accordingly, a single test has been developed. The High Court in Commerce Commission (CC) v Wellington Branch NZ Institute of Driving Instructors determined that an arrangement exists where there is “an apprehension shared by two or more persons that there…

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