Questions On Dealing With False Teachers Essay

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Dealing with false teachers
Introduction: Everyone on this planet has to learn something in order to grow into the person they ought to be. For example, in order for a person to seek employment, there is a requirement that comes with an academic background. Furthermore, if the individual did not receive the wholesome scholastic instruction from kindergarten to college, it could be endurance for them. Individuals not knowing the basic of accurate information could keep them stagnant and illiterate. The point I am trying to make here is the authenticity of starting from the foundation of knowledge will not box in an individual into unreliable information. More so, once the individual knows that the information they are receiving comes from reliable sources, they can look it up for themselves. It will be difficult for someone to come in and give them false information, just because they might be new to a belief or behavior. This was happened, to the people in Galatia and Paul had to write the letters of authenticity to clarify the true meaning of God’s grace in his letters.

Background On Paul first missionary journey accompanied by Barnabas, he founded the Church in Galatia (Modern Turkey), approximately 48 to 49 A.D. During this time, in Galatia Paul fund people who were eager to hear about Jesus Christ. However, the Jewish leaders in the community were upset and jealous, so they converse with the government officials to expel the apostles of the town.…

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