Questions On Customers Switching And Stayers Essay

908 Words Nov 10th, 2016 4 Pages
Our Main objective is to study about customers switching and stayers’ behaviour. How satisfactions and loyalty behaviour leads to Stayers and dissatisfaction result of switchers and Loss for companies. Our Main aim is to compare both Groups and identify the switcher’s behaviour with necessary recommendation to convert in stayers group.
1) To what extent can customer/ Businesses use social media to estimate Profits/ Leads/ Product information?
2) What we are more concerned with is why does a business decide to use the social network?
3) We want to see how Facebook made it that far, how Facebook connects customers with businesses, what the business model of Facebook is and how Facebook’s e-marketing works and how effective it is?
4) How could the e-marketing strategy of companies on Facebook be? The word of like share & comment how does the Pay per click model of Facebook work?
5) Does Facebook offer analytical tools for companies to analyse customers and how good are these tools?

Companies spent Billions every year on customer loyalty program. Small and big companies use social media (Facebook) to engage customer and share information with customers. Customer or Buyer has power to switch to any brand according to their interest. Switching costs are costs that buyer spent to terminate current service and spent more money to take new services from new companies. Switching behaviour is considered as dangerous behaviour for both customers as well for companies.…

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