Questions On Controlling Ip Spoofing Essay

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IP addresses are unique addresses used to identify a node on the network. But the attackers have been able to fake or spoof their IP addresses masquerading as someone else while they do the malicious work, and this in a sense defeats the point of having an address system for uniquely identifying everyone. Thus considerable research is being carried out to detect such digital impostors and reveal at the very least stop them from accessing the resource if the spoofing can’t be stopped. IP spoofing is very popular for reasons like it makes discerning of attack traffic from legit one extremely difficult and it also makes it difficult to pinpoint the true attacker. IP spoofing is used by many DDOS attacks because to the attacked system it looks just like a lot of traffic and it can’t detect the malicious intent. If a node gets banned, it can resume attack simply by changing its IP address. Another reason for this attack being so popular is that nowadays it is extremely easy to spoof IP address and the anonymity that it provides is quite high. All attacks use some form of IP spoofing. Also the rise concerning privacy, censorship on content by various countries, etc. have contributed greatly in making IP spoofing more popular than ever before, which caused a rise in the tools available to do this even more easily.
The professors work lies in detecting traffic that comes from a spoofed IP accurately so as to simply deny access to it, but this needs to be…

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