Questions On Cbad 120 Global Business Essay

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Throughout the course, CBAD 120 Global Business, I believe that I have learned many different concepts that not only stuck with me, but that I can apply to real world situations. In the class we learned everything that it takes to build a business and everything that goes into starting a business. We learned key concepts from creating our business, attending a retreat, and lectures taught by Dr.Keene.
Having the opportunity to create a “mock” business was a great learning experience. While working with a team of five people, including myself, I really got to learn everything that goes into creating a business. The business that we chose to do was called “The Palmetto Pregame”. This was a food truck that was located outside of sporting events where all the fans are tailgating before the game. The idea and the name of the company was a combined effort by all of the members of our group. After creating our business I volunteered to present the information about our company to the class, along with group member Cory. As we continued to develop our company I worked a lot on the marketing of our business. As a marketing major I take a special interest in marketing companies and businesses and was excited to work on this for our company. I also played a huge role in researching the financial side of our business. My group worked together on the final stage and I formatted it all and touched up parts that needed more clarification. Another concept that I took away from the course…

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