Questions On Being Deserted On An Island Essay

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So funny to read the posts from the people who don’t get it.

I had so much fun with a guy on Match like that once. He had a quiz on his profile to determine if you’d be compatible with him (I just couldn’t stop myself):

"If you were stranded on a deserted island, and could only bring three things with you, what would you bring?"

My answers were:

1. My two dogs.
2. Money to buy coconuts.
3. Stuff, lots of stuff.

His response (this is a typical guy on Match, obviously, not as bright as Rob):

Hello silly....I mean

I like your pictures. You are very attractive and I could easily fall for you. I do like artsy types.

Well, just know I am a bit psychic. I pose the question about being deserted on an island, mainly to see where you are in life. It tells me if we are compatible. So, if you took the question seriously, how would you answer? I like your answers, only I am not sure you are serious. However, you are thinking a bit outside the box. Which is good. You are not typical.

So, let 's take your 3 answers. Two dogs is really one answer. It shows that you are attached to your pets. They provide you with joy and comfort. This is common with the human species. However, it generally is not enough. The fact that you would take them with you on your island says that you would not give up on them. It shows how loyal you are. They are your children. Because animals have a short life span, you will have interruptions in your life. You will need strength when the…

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