Questions On Behavioral Interviews Questions Essay

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Behavioral Interviews Questions
a. Question: Describe a time when you showed initiative and took the lead?
b. STAR Answer: During one of my clinical experiences as a nursing student at a local hospital, I was doing bedside reporting with my nurse. The patient was telling us how they felt very depressed lately, and kept uttering she hates life. I was to observe and listen at how the nurses did bedside reporting. However, my nurse nor the nurse from the previous shift paid attention to what the patient was saying, and kept on reporting. As a student I felt a bit helpless, but I knew I needed to speak up. I interrupted the nurses and directly asked the patient if she had thoughts of suicide. The patient answered yes, and I asked if they have a plan set. The patient answered yes to this questions as well. Next, I asked for them to tell me their plan or what they plan on using. The patient did explain the plan of using the fork and knife on the food tray, and also the gait belt. Right away I took those items away from the patient. The nurses called in a nursing assistant to sit with the patient. We all left the room, and the nurses thanked me and said what an initiative I took in this situation, and how at times nurses can miss things. The patient was able to talk with the appropriate professionals, and remained safe during that time was there for clinical.
a. Question: Describe a time when you were asked to do something you felt was wrong, inappropriate or even…

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