Questions On Articulation Agreements Are Created A Strong Partnership And Coordination Between Community Colleges And Their Local Universities

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Articulation agreements are created to develop a strong partnership and coordination between community colleges and their local universities to aid in a smooth transition for students. By recognizing similar coursework, degree requirements and qualifications can be met at a community college and transferred easily to a university to further one’s education. There are quite a few benefits when it comes to an articulation agreement. An articulation agreement will make sure that students understand what is required of them and which courses can and cannot be transferred to the next institution. With this agreement, students are more than likely to make the right choices when they are choosing their courses each semester and they also save time and money towards the degree they are pursuing. Nowadays, there are more students graduating successfully with a two year degree and transferring to a four year college to pursue their bachelor’s degree. This is all due to a well-crafted articulation agreement which contribute greatly to students becoming successful in a four year university. “As the country experiences a recession and institutions of higher education increase tuition to compensate for diminishing state support, the transferability of credits among and between institutions is essential to students seeking to earn a baccalaureate degree”(De Los, & Sutton, 2012, para 1). The purpose of the article is to inform the audience and compare and contrast about…

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