Questions On Adenosine Triphosphate System Essay

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5.0 Discussion
5.1 Adenosine Triphosphate System
In touch football there are three systems used throughout the duration of the game these are the ATP system (Adenosine Triphosphate), the Lactic Acid system (anaerobic glycolysis) and the final system the Aerobic system. ATP doesn’t exist in the muscles and tissues waiting to supply abundant amounts of energy (Hede, Russell and Weatherby), ATP is a chain consisting of three phosphate groups. To produce energy the phosphate chain breaks and one phosphate group is broken off to produce this energy needed for movement. In breaking the phosphate chain, energy is used to allow the production of energy as the end product (Personal training direct, 2014). If this is a quote it needs quotation marks Once this process is complete the energy is then recharged and reused by adding another phosphate group to reform the three phosphate group chain. This is used in touch by the middle player when after making several tackles the player recovers by breathing heavily to allow more intake of oxygen to recover the ATP system. When compared to my fitness level I am able to excel in this particular section as I am capable of reproducing a great amount of ATP to continue undergoing such tasks for a middle this is because after completing the phosphate recovery test in 2014 where I got a decrement score of 25 which is considered to be an average for 16 year old male. 5.2 Lactic Acid/ Anaerobic glycolysis system
This system known as the Lactic…

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