Questions: Foundational Hardware Review Questions

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Foundational Hardware Review Questions
TB–1. IS hardware is classified into what three major types?
The components of an Information Systems are hardware, software, and telecommunications networks. The hardware refers to machinery, which includes central processing unit, keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

TB–2. Describe various methods for entering data into and interacting with a computer.
Keyboards are used to breakdown linguistic input and software commands into individual units of meaning. Track pads or a mouse can be used to point, draw, simulate the behavior of other devices such as a paintbrush or airbrush, etc.… In addition, audio equipment for listening or verbal command notions, and video equipment used to display any images that ensembles
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Due to the ram being electric, the disk is magnetic, the communications is optical, and the CPU logic is true/false (Schocken, n.d.)

TB–4. Describe the role of a motherboard.
The motherboard is basically a plastic or fiberglass circuit board that connects to all of the computer’s electronic components. It is the main component of a computing device, and these components are power supply, primary and secondary storage, memory, as well as various peripherals (such as input and output devices, or expansion cards, such as dedicated sound or video cards) what’s more ram processor, hard drive and graphics card would not work correctly without a motherboard (Valacich & Schneider, 2016).

TB–5. What determines the speed of a CPU?
A central processing unit’s chip executes all process and instructions in your computer, responding to the appropriate action depending on what order you give it. Thus, the speed of the CPU, known as clock speed, is the number of cycles the chip performs in one second. Moreover, the more of “cache” used to store information so the processor can access it quickly, the more quickly your computer runs processes. Technically, the speed is measured in terms of Hertz, and it is usually lies in the megahertz or gigahertz range. A megahertz means that the CPU can process one million instructions per second whereas a gigahertz CPU has the capability to process one billion instructions per second (Williams,
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Technical support is easy to find since there are so many users. What’s more, there are a lot of functions that makes it easy to do just about anything easy. Although, the windows operating system has lots problems with viruses and spyware, so you will need anti-virus protection software. The system requires the use of a low of computer resources that makes the computer run slow and has poor security issues.
In contrast, Macintosh an operating system that is a little bit older than Windows virtually has no viruses’ issues at all. Unlike Microsoft, Mac OS uses a graphical-bases operating system. It is a reliable system because it runs only on Apple computers, and is less prone to hardware and software crashing. Furthermore, it is a much more secure system than Windows. In spite of the successful operating system the Mac can only run a few programs and almost no games, and it is costly in comparison to Windows. Moreover, because Macintosh operating system is only used with Apple computers you will need to go to an Apple technician for support (Lewis, 2012).

TB-11. Name and describe four functions of utility programs.
1. Backup – Archives files from the hard disk to tapes, flash drives, or other storage devices.
2. File defragmentation – Converts fragmented files (i.e., files not stored contiguously) on your hard disk into contiguous files that will load and be manipulated more

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