Questions For My Mid Term Exam Essay

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Mid-Term Exam 2016
The following are my written responses to the denoted questions for my mid-term exam in Professional Issues.

Question 1: Here I will define “critical thinking” and discuss the impact of critical thinking by a physical therapist on “quality” and “value”, which are components of the updated vision 2020. Critical thinking is a purposefully refined and elevated mode of thinking wherein an individual asserts control over their own biases and innate tendencies, approaches problems and situations systematically, and analyzes and reanalyzes—self-correcting as needed. A physical therapist will surely need to utilize his or her critical thinking skills when seeking to provide high quality and high value care to patients. Quality of care is a must. It is the fundament of what we do as therapists—the measure of the impact we have on our patient’s lives. While many aspects of how we may provide quality care to patients may be analyzed critically, I prefer to focus on the problem of providing such quality at an affordable price point. If high quality care is also to be deemed high value, it must be both worth the price by providing meaningful outcomes for the patient and priced such that the patient can afford the necessary treatments. A physical therapist approaching this ever present issue in our current health care system will need to survey treatment options, consider the patient as an individual (including injuries being treated, financial needs, time…

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