Genocide In Cambodia Essay

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Cambodia Genocide

1. The people who were targeted for genocide were the people who were lawyers, doctors, teachers, engineers, scientists and professional people in any field - including the army. Even if Pol Pot suspected someone for any reason he had them murdered, and their families. Minority groups were also targeted, like Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai, or if they were part of those groups. Half the Cham Muslim population was murdered, so were Buddhist Monks, and 8,000 Christians. Others who were targeted were the people who were sick or disabled, and if they were too old or too young. If they couldn’t move or they refused to leave they were killed. Pol Pot even had a statement
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Pol Pot became prime minister in 1976. By that time, there was a lot of fighting going on between the Cambodians and the Vietnamese. The fighting got worse and more and more lives were lost in 1977. The resistance did not work out the way it was supposed to because in the 1980s, the Khmer Rouge got guns and ammo from China. The United States also gave them support because they were against the Vietnamese trying to take over Cambodia. In 1978 the Vietnamese sent over 60,000 troops, along with planes and tanks across the border. On January 7, 1979, they captured Phnom Penh. Pol Pot ran and went back into the jungle, bit that didn’t stop him. He just reorganized and began his guerrilla operations …show more content…
In 1997 a Khmer Rouge group who wanted to look like they weren’t the bad guys captured Pol Pot and placed him under house arrest. He died in his sleep on April 15, 1998, at age 72. Many of the Khmer Rouge leaders decided to go with the new government, or they tried to make deals so they wouldn’t face charges. Even though the government tied to arrest the leaders of the Khmer Rouge, most of them pretended they didn’t even know that there was any killing going on. Some of them just blamed the whole thing on Pol Pot or other people who were already dead. Others even said that it was enemy agents from the CIA and the KGB. So, only a few members of the Khmer Rouge were ever

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