Questions and Answers on Ethics in Action Essay

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Ethics in Action Segment Responses

Liberty University


1.If this was your client, what would you say and do? Be specific. Why would you respond this way? If this were my client, I would further explore the reasons she desires the out of office interaction, and the possible risks and benefits of this interaction. For instance, I could say, “You say that meeting in the office makes you feel uncomfortable, can you elaborate more on that?” By asking such a question, we may be able to discern the underlying reasons for wanting to meet outside the office. It is possible that the nature of the client helper relationship makes her uncomfortable and she is looking for more
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I agree with the stance that dual relationships, even after the termination of the therapeutic relationship should be avoided.


1. What is your response to this counselor’s sharing his feelings of sexual attraction with his client?

I find it inappropriate that the counselor addressed his own personal feelings during the therapy session. This is something that should be discussed in supervision, and never brought up to the client. The role of the therapeutic relationship is meant to offer the client a space where they can work through their own issues. We should never burden a client with our own feelings and struggles. If he felt his attraction would get in the way of the helping relationship, he should refer her to another counselor.

2. What does this statement mean and why is it so important: “Counselor know thyself;

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