Essay about Questionnaire Related Measurement Error?

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Questionnaire-related Measurement Error Questionnaire- related measurement error could have occurred in a couple questions within our survey because of the way that the questions were worded and the possible answers that were listed. One of the questions where this occurred was in question 8 that asks, “Should the U.S. immigration laws be made stricter, looser, stay about the same, or are you uncertain?” This represents a questionnaire- related measurement error because this question does not provide all the answers that respondents may give, which forces them to chose an answer that they originally did not want to give. For this question I received an answer from a respondent that said the laws should be smarter and that answer was not listed, which forced the respondent to change the answer they wanted to give and pick one that was available them. This limits the answers respondents are able to give. Another question that represented questionnaire- related measurement error was question 2 that stated, “Generally speaking, would you say things in Arizona are heading in the right direction, the wrong direction, or are you uncertain?” This question allows for a wide variety of responses and it is a question that could be discussing a wide variety of topics because it does not specify what about Arizona is heading in the right or wrong direction. This question could be referring to the economy and if economically are we heading in the right direction or the wrong direction…

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