Questionnaire On The Research Process Essay

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The Research Process
Just over two weeks ago, me and two of my classmates conducted a survey amongst our class to find out their hobbies and interests out of college, as up until this point we had only got to know them in a short period of time. This survey proved to be quite informative and showed us what interests certain individuals in our class. We surveyed around ten people and our results varied significantly.
Usually when surveying individuals the survey will be composed of either qualitative or quantitative questions, but in our questionnaire it seems it mostly consisted of both quantitative and qualitative.
Our questionnaire was predominantly quantitative, which is a form of research which is most commonly used to find a statistical/numerical answer to the question, for instance if a survey had a lot of multiple choice questions you could assume it is a quantitative survey which is being used to gather a numerical figure such as what brand is used most or something along those lines. Where as a qualitative survey would be more open questions which require a personal answer, for example: "why don 't you go to the cinema in your spare time?" This finds an underlying reason and, or motive.

Qualitative is more specific and detailed compared to a quantitave is a more vaired set form of survey which has the possibilites already lined out. Personally, I think quantitative surveys have more success as they are easier to fill out and can be done in a far…

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