Questioning The Merit Of Pride And Prejudice By Roger Gard Essay

726 Words Mar 27th, 2016 3 Pages
“Questioning the Merit of Pride and Prejudice” by Roger Gard is an informal debate that was created to examine a range of perspectives from modern feminists to traditional critics. The article also discusses the merit of Austen’s characters, themes, realism and comedic style. Gard poses a number of questions throughout the article such as “Is Austen great or merely popular?” and “How do feminists view Pride and Prejudice?” Gard uses an imaginary reader, named Henry, to state that Austen is a great writer because of her ability to use comedy to convey important life lessons. In contrast, Gard uses another imaginary reader, named Alec, to state that Austen is a great writer simply because the novel is a great work of art. Gard also states that Austen has great merit as a writer because of her appeal to feminism and tradition. By posing these questions, Gard is encouraging the reader to think carefully about how they view the novel. He is asking the reader to analyze the book and think about whether the novel is a great piece of literature due to Austen’s ability to tech important life lessons or if it is merely popular because the novel is viewed as a work of art. I agree with Gard’s statement that Austen has merit as a writer due to her ability to teach life lessons to her reader through the use of comedy as well as through appeals to feminism and Marxism. Austen gains her merit through appeals to feminism and Marxism as well as through her ability to accurately translate…

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