Queensland Youth Services Case Study

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Queensland Youth Services (QYS)
Queensland Youth Services (QYS) is a community based organisation that was established in 1978, operating in the Townsville region. QYS is the largest agency operating in the Townville area with a specific focus on youth. QYS offers a wide range of services and programs to young people between the ages of 12 and 25. While QYS is a not for profit, non-government organisation, many of the programs offered by the agency are funded by the State and Federal Governments. QYS relies on close partnerships with government departments and non-government partners, in addition to corporate sponsors to enable them to deliver the programs and services offered by the organisation. As well as youth making direct contact
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They are the largest agency in the Townville region and have a sole focus on youth. As the agency only offers services to youth, their resources can be focused on specific tailored programs for young people. QYS is widely recognised in the community, creating a broad awareness of their services in the area. The programs offered by QYS are funded by various departments of the State and Federal Government, which allows the consistent delivery of programs without reliance on donations or sponsorships for the continuation of the programs. Although their educational programs have operated under different names and banners, they have been running consistently for almost ten years (W. Lang, personal communication, 28 October, 2016). In addition to the partnerships QYS has maintained with State and Federal Government, they have also partnered with a number of non-government partners and also currently have two corporate sponsorships (qys.org.au, …show more content…
As most of the QYS programs are funded by various government departments, QYS is tied to guidelines for where the funds are used. Youth funding can only be spent on youth alone, not the families of youth. Wendy Lang (personal communication, 28 October, 2016) advised that the circumstances surrounding most youth requiring assistance are very complex and often the family of the youth also require assistance, which WYS is unable to offer. Access for youth in the more remote parts of the region is an additional limitation of the agency. Public transport options are very limited, which in turn limits access for some youth to participate in programs and take advantage of the services offered in the Youth Wellbeing Centre. Wendy Lang (personal communication, 2016) advised that a proposal has been put forward for the Gr8 Expectations programs to be delivered in an additional four locations to make the programs accessible to more youth, however approval and funding is yet to be

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