Essay about Queen Latifah

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The childhood background of Dana Elaine Owens helped her become who she is today. On march 18,1970 in Newark, new Jersey, Dana gave the enlightment to her parents Lance and Rita Owens and also a older brother Lancelot. Her father being a police officer, she became very close to after teaching her martial arts and taking her on camping trips. Dana Owens parents divorced and her mother took in her brother and her. She was determined to offer her children a better life, Rita worked two job while attending community college. She eventually took the position as a art teacher, and moved the family to a house on Littleton Avenue Newark. In second grade, Dan was found to intellectually gifted . Her mom stretched the family finances so that her …show more content…
Family’s in the world struggle with there own problems and seek for help fro music or another source. Although Latifah nade history as the first women hip-hop artist and be contendins for an Oscar, she wanted to explore more out in the field ( Tracy, 7). In 1993, she became chief executive officer of her own music production company. She added that to her ever growing job. Through life people have obstacles they go

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