Women In Viking Society Essay

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The women played an important role in the Viking society. They controlled everything by making men do whatever they wanted. which was the main reason why they dominated men, so it could guarantee their succeeded. For that purpose, many women seduced men to made them powerless. With this in mind, women were the ones who made the important decisions. So, they imposed their power over innocents causing a lot of suffering to get what their wants. On the other hand, Many Vikings believed women just advised and companied men, some them didn 't realized women were the ones who leadered in the Vikings society. Even though, men were described as the highest power; but that 's not true,women used to manipulate them.
The source “Queen Gunnhild Has Her Way With Hrut” in Somerville and McDonald, eds., The Viking Age (Tonawanda, NY: University of Toronto Press, 2014) p. 89-93. Conveys the idea that the Viking society was controlled by women. This part of the text, tells the story of a strong women, who lost
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93. In this part, the text tells the story of Freydis a woman who was incharge of an expedition to Vinland in the North America. This expedition took place in summer around 1000. Freydis invited two Incelander brothers, Helgi and Finnbogi, which they accepted. They made a deal at they had to carried 30 men and women who were able to fight, and that they had to share all the benefits. However, Freydis betrayed the deal, they carried five extreme men. In addition,“The Prowess of Freydis, Daughter of Eirik the Red,”p. 94-95. States that Freydis though lying made Thorvard a man, that had relationship her with, to killed the brothers. She lied to him she told him the brothers beate her. In other words, Freydis lied multiple times to get more benefits, and caused the death innocent

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