Queen Elizabeth I: The First Invention In Elizabethan England

England was reigned over by Elizabeth I daughter of Henry VIII, of the Tutor dynasty. This well-known era was called Elizabethan era. In 1558 Mary I daughter of Henry VII and Catherine of Aragon, died, and her half-sister Elizabeth I became ruler of England. England thrived under Elizabeth I, her subjects thought that she was the best ruler of all time. Elizabeth was a kind, fiery sort of person, with a good head on her shoulders. Although many loved her, some devout Catholics did not agree with the Protestant religion, and hated that Elizabeth accepted it. Several groups of Catholics tried to assassinate, or impeach her, but in the end no harm came to Queen Elizabeth. Queen Elizabeth I rule was part of quite a few innovations. …show more content…
Many of those pastimes included: literature, music, dancing, hunting, fencing, table games and other physical games. Yet one of the most popular was theatre. Theatre was a huge part of Elizabethan England. People craved plays; they wanted humor, romance, and violence to fill their minds, to get away from normal day to day life. Christopher Marlowe was a playwright before Shakespeare, he was a great poet and is famous for his play Tamburlaine the Great. Another famous pastime during that era was eating. The Elizabethans were always well fed; excluding the years they had poor crops. If you looked at the food, some of the dishes would look familiar and while others might cause some puzzled faces. For some meals, people went to inns, pubs, saloons or “alehouses”, however, many ate at home with their families. Elizabethans loved clothing, people of the middle-high class obsessed over the latest fashions. Queen Elizabeth was even known for having over 3,000 dresses in her

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