Essay on `` Queen Bee `` By Generation Z

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Beyoncé a well-known singer/ songwriter was recently dubbed “queen bee” by generation z due to her extraordinary voice, and inspiring, powerful personality. She is a feminist icon, promoting self love and equality for all. The music video “Pretty Hurts,” was recorded as a part of her fifth album. This song sent a viral message about self-empowerment and beauty standards that society has placed upon itself. “Pretty Hurts” analyses the effects of expectations on how women should look, instead of how women should feel on the inside. In the words of Beyoncé- “perfection is a disease of a nation,” and it’s often challenging to resist due to the constant reinforcement that is shown everywhere in the media. It’s nearly effortless to be drowned in the perpetual doubt that an individual is worthy, because the reflection in the mirror disagrees. Society scrambling to become “perfect,” is as productive as chasing rainbows, it’s incessant, because everyone is flawed and has imperfections. Beyoncé’s music video “Pretty Hurts,” paints a vivid picture of society’s struggle to fit the definition of perfection and to be happy in one’s own skin. This video demonstrates with both the lyrics and the visuals that women should achieve beauty at any cost, beauty will get you farther in life than brains, and being beautiful will ultimately lead to happiness. The mood of the video is set in the beginning of a behind the scenes, documentary-type feel of Beyoncé life as a pageant contestant on a…

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