Quatitative Lit Essay

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Quantitative Literacy

Quantitative Problem Solving

QLT Task 5

Michelle Brewer

January 20, 2013

Task A
Misty is going to start college in the fall. Her father has agreed to pay her tuition and board but she must cover all other expenses, including supplies and books. Misty has been working a summer job to save money for these expenses and is hoping to be thrifty enough in her purchases to not have to work during her first semester of college. She is anticipating a large expense on books but is hoping to save some money on purchasing school supplies by looking at discount retailers instead of the college bookstore.
Misty has found two companies, Company A and Company B, with some great back to school deals on school
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The total of that operation would then be subtracted from the original total (x). Therefore, y=$230 – ($230 x 10%), making y=$230 - $23.00. Misty’s total cost after discount from Company A would be $207.00. For Company B, the total can be calculated by subtracting the non-discount amount ($100) from the total amount the supplies will cost, y=$230 - $100 as step one. Next, the remaining total of $130 can be multiplied by the discount (d=25%), y=$130 * 0.25, for a discount of $32.50 (y2). Lastly, Misty would need to subtract the discounted savings from the total of $130.00 for a discount total of $97.50 which she will then add back to the original $100.00 that she was required to spend before being able to use a discount. In the end, her total at Company B will be $197.50, a difference of $9.50 from Company A, making it the best cost option for her savings plan.

Task C
The charts below indicate a graphical representation of Misty’s choices between the two companies offering a discount on school supplies. Solutions (in ordered pairs) | Point | Company A | Company B | F | (230,207) | (230,197.50) | E | (210,189) | (210,182.50) | D | (200,180) | (200,175) | | (195,175.50) | (195,171.25) | | (192,172.80) | (192,168.25) | C |

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