Quantum Teleportation Speech: Star Trek

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Quantum Teleportation Speech

The idea of quantum teleportation is not new. It is an idea used as a plot device in many science fiction novels and shows, the most famous of which is Star Trek. It is an idea that has been discussed within the scientific community, and it has actually experimentally occurred a few times already. However, the difference must be made between quantum teleportation and plain old teleportation. We’ll be discussing teleportation at the quantum level. Plain old teleportation is the transmitting of an object from one part of space to another without that object moving through space. Quantum teleportation is the transmission of a few particles from one part of space to another without having said particles traversing
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The first problem lies within Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. In order to record information about every particle in a person’s body, we need to know exactly where those particles are and exactly how fast they are moving. However, Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle tells us that this is an impossible task. Whenever you look at any atom or molecule, you have to shine light on it to observe it. Shining light on the atom means shooting photons off of the atom. So, if you’re recording the position of the atom, the photons bouncing off the atom will change its speed. When recording speed, the photons will change the atom’s position. So, you can never know a particle’s speed and position at the same time. This is obviously a problem, since in order for teleportation to occur, we have to know both speed and position, as it would …show more content…
That solution is what Einstein called, “Spooky action at a distance.” This “spooky action” is called quantum entanglement. Any two given particles can become entangled under the right conditions. Entangled particles have opposite characteristics of each other. For instance, if one of the entangled particles has a clockwise spin, its entangled partner has a counter-clockwise spin, and vice-versa. The “spooky” and incredible part is that the particles can be any distance away from each other, and their properties as entangled particles remain the same. Say, for instance, that the clockwise rotating particle suddenly changes and starts to turn counter-clockwise. Even if that particle is on earth and the entangled particle is on the Moon, the entangled particle’s spin will change from counter-clockwise to clockwise in order to maintain opposite properties from its entangled partner. That is the key to using quantum entanglement in teleportation. If we were able to have every particle in a scanner entangled with all of the other particles of another scanner, the scanner would simply be able to transmit the information via the entangled particles. Since the entangled particles will always be opposite to their counterpart, we would be able to make these entangled particles into that of the person who wants to teleport, and their information will instantaneously be transmitted to the entangled particles. This solution has allowed us to

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