Quantum Computer by Quantum Mathematics Essay

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Abstract-. India gives its greatest contribution toward Intellectual property in form of SANHKYA YOGA. We know very new name of INDIA by BHARAT IT gives us necessary clue. BHA = LIGHT + KNOWLEDGERATA = DEVOTED So BHARAT means DEVOTED to LIGHT & KNOWLEDGE. The model for which modern science search is already available in SANKHYA YOGA. Sankhya yoga like INTELLECTUALPROPERTY is unparallel in the world. Sankhya is a philosophical doctrine which counts the categories which constitute this world. Computer science gives it the name “DIGITAL DECADE”. Cosmology presents it in name of
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After the first Computer was created by Konrad Zuse in 1941, almost 70 years of very fast technological advancement have passed. Surprisingly, the high speed modern computers sitting in front of us work on the same principles as their 30 ton ancestors. All of them are based on the manipulation and interpretation of binary information. This way of working with information is usually described by a mathematical model called Turing machine. Also, their hardware components store and manipulate data based on classical physics. Scientists at IBM Research have achieved major advances in quantum computing device performance that may accelerate the realization of a practical, full-scale quantum computer. For specific applications, quantum computing, which exploits the underlying quantum mechanical behavior of matter, has the Potential to deliver computational power that is unrivalled by any supercomputer today. Using a variety of techniques in the IBM labs, scientists have established three new records for reducing errors in elementary computations and retaining the integrity of quantum mechanical properties in quantum bits (qubits) – the basic units that carry information within quantum computing. IBM has chosen to employ superconducting qubits, which use established micro fabrication techniques developed for silicon technology, providing the potential to one day scale up to and manufacture thousands or millions of qubits.


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