Essay about Quantitative Research : Qualitative Research

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About Quantitative Research

Quantitative research is different in more ways from qualitative research than just the quantification of aspects of social life.

The steps in quantitative research can be characterized as a linear process moving from theory to conclusions. During a quantitative research, the theory acts lightly as a set of concerns in relation to which the social researcher collects data. the second step is a hypothesis, which can be deduced from a theory and tested. The next step after hypothesis is research design, which encounters problems such as external validity of the findings and the researchers’ ability to credit causality to their findings. Step four is referred to as operationalization, which is the process of devising measures of the concepts. Steps five and six consist of selecting the research site and subjects/respondents. The next step is the administrating of the research instruments. Data collection in quantitative research is unlike qualitative research, it is transformed into numbers on a computer for the data analysis. The final two steps of quantitative research are coming to findings/conclusions and then writing up the findings/conclusions.

“If a concept is to be employed in quantitative research, it will have to be measured,” according to Bryman. There are three main reasons for the measurement in quantitative research. The first one is it allows the ability to delineate fine differences between people in terms of the…

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