Quantitative, Quantitative And Mixed Methods Essay

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The next stage, after selecting a research paradigm, is to link it with actual practice (Bryman, 1998). This can be accomplished via selecting the appropriate data collection methods that; accommodate research assumptions, answer research questions, and meet research objectives. Accordingly, having explained the research paradigms and assumptions, the following is a description of the nature of the research design methods, namely: qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods, and then proceeds to discuss the design of enquiry.
Research Design

Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches are the most common methods of social sciences studies for data collection and analysis (Velez, 2008). Mackenzie & Knipe (2006); McMillan & Schumacher (2006:12) argue that ‘quantitative and qualitative can be understood as two distinguished terms, which are:
1. As a research paradigm: they explain the aim of a research and how a researcher can understand the world.
2. As methods adopted to collect and analyse data.

For O’Leary (2004), qualitative and quantitative terms are adjectives for types of data and their identical modes of analysis. He argues that, in qualitative research, ‘data are interpreted in words, pictures and/or tables and analysed through thematic exploration; while, in quantitative studies, data are presented as numeric numbers and analysed via statistical explanations’ (p.99). However, all methods aim to explore a particular area and to validate sensational…

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