Essay on Quantitative Methods, And Data Analysis

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Quantitative Methods

The main aim of this paper is to discuss what are statistics, quantitative methods, and data analysis, and why do we need them. We will also discuss the importance of patterns and variations within data and how they can be analyzed to be presented in a way that affects real life products such as public policy. Though an established science, some quantitative method practices are criticized through epistemological considerations, particularly, the positivism position. The concerns raised by this position will also be considered in this paper as it raises important views on the subject. Lastly, we will set an example on how data analysis could affect public policy, prior to the conclusion.
“I don’t want to become a statistic!” is a line that is generally thrown around in movies in a negative tone, but what are statistics, and are they really “bad”? Statistics are a collection of numerical data that are “used to form basic numeric summaries of the processes, events or activities that the data represent” (Harris and Jarvis 2011, p.1). This is a very simple denotation of statistics. Statistics are used in multiple processes such as State election indicators (US), stock market reports, and several other uses. Our concern in this paper is not statistics as a mathematical procedure per se, however it is quantitative methods, a bi-product of statistics. Quantitative data “offers the advantages that numbers over words as measurement of some quality” (Babbie 2012,…

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