Quantitative Data, Quantitative, And A Mixed Methods Approach For Research

722 Words Nov 11th, 2016 3 Pages
Our readings for week 13 focused on qualitative data, quantitative data, and a mixed methods approach for research. Before reading, I attempted to keep disregard what I knew about the areas, in order to have an open mind and not take for granted what the articles state. While taking into consideration chapter 14 by Rubin and Babbie (2013), I remember our discussion of experimental design. There is great importance of paying close attention to detail and making the best discussions for your specific research questions. A component of research design includes the method in which a researcher intends to gather data. Like experimental design, the selection of data collection will influence subsequent stages of the study. I am not as familiar with the qualitative method, as I am with the quantitative method. This is why I appreciated the reading by Thomas (2006). In this article, I was able to understand a nontechnical procedure of how evaluators and other researchers analyze qualitative data, specifically the inductive approach within it. The indicative analysis approach uses detailed readings of raw data to derive concepts, themes, or a model through interpretations made from the raw data by an evaluator or researcher (Thomas, 2006). Thomas further explains that this approach is well liked by evaluators because it is less complicated to understand. I additionally agree that it is not too complicated to understand. Within the article, additional qualitative analysis…

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