Essay on Quantitative And Graphical Representation Of The Data

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Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
Calvin Clark
Walden University

We will analyse two variables measured at different level of measurements, using descriptive statistics and graphical representation of the data. The first variable is the age of the respondent, which is a categorical variable measured on nominal scale. The other variable is the number of adults in household of the respondent, measure on ratio scale. Further, we will prepare a confidence interval for the number of adults in household as it is a ratio variable, based on which we can draw inferential for the population.
Data Display
A graphical representation of a variable help understand some of the useful characteristics of the data for a variable, including the dispersion and distribution of data. However, selecting an appropriate chart for the variable is very important to draw accurate conclusions. Since AGE is a categorical variable, a pie chart appears to be the most appropriate graph in order to understand the distribution of data. The above chart displays that more than half of the respondents are in the age group of 18-35 years, followed by the age group of 36-50 years. This signifies that there is a moderate variation in data, skewed towards younger age group.
Further, an appropriate graph for ADULTCT, measured at ratio level, is a histogram which can help us understand the shape of the distribution.

The histogram displays that the number of adults in the household is…

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