Quantitative Analysis Of Comparative Market Data Essay

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4. Conduct a quantitative analysis of comparative market data. To do this you will need to access data such as sales data or information about existing or potential customers such as demographic information or geographic information. Using this information, use at least two of the following statistical techniques for a comparative market analysis:
• cross-tabulations for grouped or ungrouped data
• mean
• median
• mode
• Z, T and chi square tests.
Write up the results of your quantitative analysis and what the result mean in terms of market trends and developments and impact on the business.
• Target customers’ income level:

Below $2,000





$6,000 above

Quantitative analysis techniques Results Result mean in terms of market trends and developments and impact on the business mean $4, 500 The results shown that customer who visited more often and spend in the vegetarian restaurant for their food or meal has an income level at average $4, 500. This means that they have a medium level of spending power and they are able to afford eating out in a vegetarian restaurant, shop or café. Perfect Veggie Town is believed to have a potential growth in business as people have the spending power with an ideal income level. median $4, 000 The result shown that the customers who are purchasing the vegetarian products are mostly customers with the income level of $4,000. This means that customers has a middle income level and…

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