Quality Progressions: A Case Study

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Quality Progressions- A lens view of the organization
Quality Progressions is a non-profit Supports Coordination agency founded by CEO Joel Goldberg in 2004 to support and provide services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and families throughout eastern Pennsylvania. Quality Progressions has two offices located in Philadelphia and Bethlehem. This agency’s mission is to empower individuals by providing them the tools to live a meaningful and fulfilling life through person centered and progressive interventions (Quality Progressions, n.d). Quality Progressions aims to achieve this mission through the following values: meeting the health and safety needs of each individual, enabling the individual to have choice and agency, the individual
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Quality Progressions holds a strong belief that every individual with intellectual disabilities should have independent, inclusive and enriching life experiences. To fulfill that belief staff adheres to going above and beyond to provide quality services and supports. Megivern, et. al. (2007) elaborates on the quality of services in social work by defining it as interventions that contribute to the desired client outcome in varied areas which is ethical (p. 118). Quality Progressions provides quality services through hiring diversified staff to meet the diverse needs of the IDD population, increasing outreach initiatives, learning opportunities and promoting interaction between individuals, families, workers and community partners. Trainings, professional development and supervision in the work environment is also provided for staff to build capacity and competence to assist with consumer needs, social and political changes. At Quality Progressions, all staff meetings are held on every 3rd Wednesday of the month in order to discuss changes in services and policies, resources for IDD population, acknowledge and give kudos to staff as well as to provide trainings as per regulation requirements. Quality Progressions tradition calls for advisory committee meeting that extends to families, individuals, staff, professionals and community partners to receive feedback, discuss challenges and …show more content…
Like many social work organizations, Quality Progressions are not immune to staff turnover. Staff turnover is contributed to different factors such as burnout, lack of economic and social benefits and other reasons. There is also little to no incentive of workers take on additional job duties than what is in their assumed roles to expand opportunities to their targeted population. Because there are also different departments and teams, there may also be moderate to low interaction among staff to build morale and positive professional relationships in work collaboration despite being broken down into

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