Quality Of Your Product And Customer Service Essay examples

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In the modern marketplace of the internet, there are three things that set your product or service apart once a potential buyer has made it to your product’s page: your reviews, your copy, and your image. Due to the fact reviews are dependant entirely on the quality of your product and customer service after a sale has been made, your copy and image are the only variables you can directly control to increase conversions. This article will be focusing on the former of the two.

Copywriting is a delicate art: you want to highlight your product’s distinctive positive qualities without overdoing it and coming across as insincere. This process can take some time to perfect, and although there’s no substitute for practice, I’ve identified a few concepts to help identify which selling-points should be the focus, and which should simply be listed.

The first step is putting yourself in the shoes of potential customers: identify what qualities each would require and which would be ideal when deciding what brand they want to do business with, then compile them into a list. Repeat this task with multiple groups found within your target market. Afterward, evaluate which items on your list are relevant to the average buyer, and which are understood as industry standards. If you’re selling pencils avoid allowing your copy content to resemble this:

Features a lead center to write with.
Can be sharpened to increase functionality.
7.5” long, including a ½” eraser.
Eraser is made of pink…

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