The Importance Of Raising The Quality Of Education

In recent years, the United States has been seen as far behind many other countries in relation to education. As the world advances and adjusts to the needs of a technologically savvy society, the United States has failed to produce individuals ready to enter into such a world and, more immediately, into such a workplace. To combat the lack of quality education in such areas as engineering and computer science, the United States has created many scientific programs. Through the introduction of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) program in primary and secondary education and the Research Education for Undergraduates (REU) in tertiary education, the United States has begun to raise the quality of education.
The quality of education
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According to U.S. Department of Education, eighty-one percent of Asian-Americans and seventy-one percent of Caucasian students do not attend high schools that offer a complete education in mathematics (US Department of Education). Studies show that students are not pursuing the STEM education because they are not introduced to applied math and science programs at an early stage in life. When a STEM program is introduced in elementary school, children gain interest in STEM education at a faster rate and gain the edge to continue this education in high school and beyond. In elementary school, students are taught with entertaining hands-on activities pertaining to the STEM subjects. These activities provide an interesting way for young students to learn the aspects of the STEM related curriculum (Dejarnette). The Massachusetts Institute of Technology conducted a study which concluded that simple science and math activities for elementary students introduced in a captivating environment improved the results of the STEM program (Educators). Bear in mind, the STEM program is an example-based program. This example-based reasoning is used to solve both procedural and conceptual problems (Gulwani). Additionally, this program prepares students for the technologically advancing world around us. The STEM …show more content…
The STEM program will only be effective when introduced at the elementary school level. When introduced early on and executed in the classroom properly, the STEM program provides students the initiative to further pursue STEM related fields and provides society with students that can compete in a world that needs technologically savvy individuals. For students interested in further pursuing their STEM program, the REU program provides college students a better understanding of their fields of study and research experience. And finally, all of these goals can not be accomplished without properly developed teachers. Reforms must be instituted in order to develop teachers who are properly trained to become STEM thinkers before teaching others. This reform will be achieved through the continued funding provided by the Carnegie Corporation which enables teachers to be taught properly and allows math and science programs to claim the responsibility of the changing world around

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