Quality Measure Programs And How They Have Been Implemented At The Detroit Medical Center

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This paper will identify quality measure programs and how they have been implemented at the Detroit medical centers (DMC). The student will identify the quality management structure and identify who is responsible for the organization 's quality management. This paper will also determine how quality improvements are selected and managed, and how nurses are involved with the selection. The student will explain how the staff is educated on the new quality standards and methods and tools used in the education of staff. Finally, the student will demonstrate how the DMC evaluates the effectiveness of quality improvement (QI) and identify how the organization responds when quality improvements are not successful.
Organizational quality program, goals, structure

Currently, the Detroit medical center has implemented KPI boards; this stands for key performance indicators for each unit. KPI boards are utilized to promote safety, quality improvement and cost reductions for the units and the hospital as a whole (Australian Institute of Health Innovation, 2013). The boards are to identify needed quality improvements within the individual units. Then the chief nursing officer along with other key members of upper hospital management round once a week to determine the areas of inefficiency on the units. Managers are responsible for reporting the data obtained and outline how they plan to improve the deficiency. The goals of the KPI program is to assist units to identified deficiencies…

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