Quality Management Assessment Summary Essay

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Quality Management Assessment Summary
Stephanie Webb
University of Phoenix
March 8, 2011

Quality Management Assessment Summary Quality management is a systematic and continuous process that organizations use to deliver products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations (McLaughlin, & Kaluzny, 2006). Quality management in healthcare has evolved over the year to address increased demands from consumers related to the quality of care and services, as well as to address problems in patients’ outcomes (McLaughlin, & Kaluzny, 2006). Stephanie Webb Management will assess quality management in long-term care facilities (LTC).This assessment will address the definition of quality care, and describe key concepts
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Implementation of fundamental health care policy would allow LTC providers to gain a more quality-oriented facility. Key quality management policies are communicating a quality focused mission statement, conducting customer (residents/family) satisfaction surveys, conducting employee satisfaction surveys, gathering and analyzing performance data, and recording and acting on customers concerns (Quality First, 2011). The existence of a quality focused mission statement, and a description of the facilities process for systematically communicating the mission to staff, residents, family, and other stakeholders sets the tone for quality care. The existence of the customer survey allows management to know, analyze, and change any dissatisfaction of the customer. The existence of an employee survey will allow management to receive and improve staff dissatisfaction, and receive ideas on how to make improvements. The gather of data will allow management to adjust and improve any key processes and organizational measures. Recording and responding to customer concerns is a policy, which allows management to communicate regularly with the residents, family, employees, and other stakeholders on how their concerns are investigated and handled in a confidential manner (Quality First, 2011).

Executive Summary The purpose of this summary is to inform long-term care

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