Quality Management And Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

Quality Management and Corporate Social Responsibility
The connection between quality management and CSR is that they are both synonymous to good business practice. It is often noted in articles and journals about the narrow and less vague CSR could be to business. The performance model as prescribe by Wartick and Cochran (1986), initiated the changes in the CSR world, and this they did by using three key parameters; namely
I. The economic responsibility of the organization
II. The public responsibility to the organization and
III. The social responsibility.
It could be deduced from the above list that CSR in relation to total quality management could be used as an avenue to continue to improve on commitment by business enterprise to behave
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Quality and Unethical Organizational Behaviors
The competitive nature of the present marketplace could be a strain on organization to be of good quality and thereby acting in an unethical pattern, in order to stay relevant in the game. These would rather deter the firm the more because sooner than later, it would eventually catch up with them and the optimum consequences might be too much for it to remain in business. Companies should not be compromising on its quality and they should always do the right thing.
Some of the unethical patterns organizational could exhibit are as follows;
i. Organizations failure in make ethics one of its core values ii. Lack of recognition for employees with good ethical
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2 Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid Source: Carroll A.B. (1991) ‘Pyramid of CSR’

The diagram on figure 2 above, illustrates the importance in every step and level of the pyramid. Getting to the apex of the pyramid means that an organization is socially responsible and is not neglecting its core duty of economic responsibility which is the reason it is in business.
TQM gives us the benefit to be able to practice good ethics and at the same time, have a sense of balancing the economical responsibility we have to our stakeholders and shareholders. The ability to know the law and obey the law, and more importantly given back to the society.

Ethics, Total Quality and Values
We have talked about ethics and total quality extensively but there is also values, which are the strong creed that we hold on to and basically form the essence of who we are ((Goetsch and Davis, 2010, p.39). It is a well-known fact the peoples actions are driven by whatever they believe strong about. So it’s imperatively same with organizations and nations. An organization will apply its best of knowledge, expertise and technical know-how to any product that they so much believe in, that is having great value on a

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