Quality Improvement Implementation For Health Care Essays

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Health care organizations are always looking for different ways to improve and provide better health care quality and improvements in patient satisfaction. Patients always have the right to choose, ask, and complain about the services they receive. Patients’ views are important for any business. Regarding health care, patients want the highest of quality care, right to receive the best services, and it is the organizations responsibility to its consumers to ensure the highest quality of care is delivered and solve any problem may occur. In the quality improvement process measures and improves services by gather information and understanding the direction and policies of quality for the health care organization. Quality data collection results provide the data for the set up strategies, planning and making effective decision. The tools used to measure performance and to monitor the improvement process. Usually hospitals use quality improvement to develop the results for a patient by using the analytic tools that will make successful results. A quality improvement includes the measuring the data collected help organizations to improve the service provided to the patients.
Baylor Regional Medical Center is a medical and surgical hospital in Plano, TX. It performed nearly at the level of nationally ranked U.S. News Best Hospitals in 1 adult specialty. Baylor Regional Medical Center provides treatment for patients with 160 beds. The hospital has more than 5,788 admissions. It…

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