Quality Improvement And Patient Satisfaction Essay

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Continuous quality improvement and patient satisfaction are directly correlated. This association is realized as patient satisfaction is dependent on the quality of services provided. Therefore, businesses engage in continuous quality improvement practices to promote patient safety, patient experience, and to gain a competitive advantage. Hence, continuous quality improvement is necessary to insure positive outcomes and organizational success. With that said, nurse managers and leaders have a unique opportunity to exercise concepts of strategic management to enact change in areas where the need for improved quality of care and patient experience has been identified.
Leadership Strategies Nurse leaders and managers have overlapping roles in the process of continuous quality improvement and patient satisfaction. Regardless of the specific initiative, leadership strategies serve to accomplish the same goals established by management. However, leaders are typically frontline workers who possess interpersonal qualities that endorse a team culture, express a shared vision, empower others with focus and purpose, serve as a source of positive encouragement that assists others in overcoming challenges, and most importantly, serves to model the desired actions that will achieve organizational objectives (Gordon, n.d.). In addition, it is important to understand that leaders are not appointed a position of authority over others, rather they possess an ability to inspire those around…

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