Quality Education: What Is Quality Education?

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What is Quality Education?
When asked, “What is quality education?” the initial response might be that there are many different ideas that make up a quality education. Additional, in most responses, it is hard to narrow the definition down to just one main idea; though, the mere question provokes thoughts and ideas about what quality education entails. Besides it being a perceptional view that depends on one’s educational opportunities, financial status, and willingness to pursue and learn continually at a higher level of education; it is a question that has many different responses due to an individual’s situation, personal drive, and their goals. Furthermore, students will consider where their quality education will lead them in their career path and future endeavors. However, overall, students seek smaller class sizes, Ivy League universities and/or accredited colleges, well-educated and enthusiastic teachers, and diverse areas of study to choose from for a quality
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Qualified teachers, who are eager about teaching and learning, create a positive learning environment that benefits both students and teachers alike. Well-educated and enthusiastic teachers who provide a quality education to students challenge them to think critically, a trait most future employers are searching for. Knowledgeable and well-qualified teachers define quality education with their responsibility for the standard of education and the quality that is being taught to students. Besides enthusiastic teachers who motivate, encourage, and engage with students, quality education is an innovative teacher who creates a positive learning environment for students. Students who are praised and receive constructive criticism in a beneficial learning environment are obtaining a quality education from a well-qualified

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