Quality Curriculum Essay

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Managing a Quality Curriculum
Outcome 2 & 3
Yvonne Norval

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Page 3 - Introduction/Develop and plan
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Page 5 – Evaluate effectiveness of adult contribution
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Throughout this project I am going to demonstrate my ability to take a lead role in the development and planning of a quality curriculum. My project will include evidence of the planning process, equality issues, Samples of children’s work, photos and Materials used for evaluation and proposed developments for the future. I will evaluate the contribution made by the practitioner, Manager and other adults, and identify any strengths and weaknesses.
Develop and plan
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2.45-3.00 Hands washed
3.00-4.00 afternoon snack/nappies
4.00-5.00 free play/wind down for home time
Week 1
This began with a trip to Dobbie’s to buy some seeds and have a look at the different types of flowers, once there the children liked the Rainbow flowers and as one of the children’s favourite stories at the moment is Jack and the bean stalk, we bought Beans and Rainbow seeds...
The next day, the room was set up by the staff with the various core provisions i.e. sand water paint etc., we then offered the children the opportunity to be involved in planting the seeds and then watering them, some of the children were keener than others. For those children who did not want to help with the planting, they had various activities to choose from i.e. Home corner, imagination station, cosy corner etc. It was explained to the children we would have to water the plants daily and watch them grow but also that the rainbow flowers would need sunlight, so we put them beside the window, the beans went in the utility room as it is hot.
The following day, we checked on the seeds and once again watered them; they had not quite started to grow yet. As a planned activity today I had asked a member of staff to Plan an art activity in conjunction with our theme and another member of staff to plan an activity for the

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