Essay on Quality And Safety For Nursing Practice

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Section 1: "What do I want to find out most from this module 's topic?"

Module three offers many topics, but I chose to explore further the quality and safety in patient care. This pertains to Chapter 30: Quality and Safety in Nursing Practice in our book. The reason why I selected this subject is the fact that regardless of the existing policies and procedures in every health care setting, staff education, safety huddles, standardized handoff communication tools, and patient monitoring, patients’ adverse events still happen. The implementation of culture of safety should encourage the staff to report medical errors and near misses and are designed to improve the safety of patients. The Joint Commission also addresses the safety of patients by setting the standards of care and assessing compliance with these standards. According to Westrick (2014), encouraging and even rewarding reporting behavior, and avoiding the punishment can be a way of maintaining a culture of safety. As much as I agree with this culture of safety, I would like to know better what factors affect patient safety and if all nurses understand this culture the same way?

Section 2: Descriptive narrative regarding practice experiences (current or past as student, patient, family member of patient, observation, etc.) related to chosen topic. Include citation(s). The adverse event took place last year when a 68 years old woman was admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) after a motor vehicle…

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