The Importance Of Immigrants To Achieve The American Dream

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According to Messner & Rosenfeld (as cited in Miller, Schreck & Tewksbury (2011), believed that the American dream placed great strain on material and money success and little importance on being a good person. Today, when it come to the American dream, we pass on from generation to generation what we have learned from society. For example, we teach our children to desire expensive cars, the size of a TV, designer shoes and clothes to show their status in life.
Miller et al. (2011) agree due to not obtaining the American dream and having blocked opportunities. People will find alternatives to try to achieve the American dream because it has been deep-rooted in them since they were a small child. Society tells everyone that they are a success
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(2002), states that African Immigrants have voluntarily come to America, and have been able to take full advantages of a new life in America. A new life in America could include freedom, educational opportunities, and the chance to develop economically. African Immigrant children knew no other place, like other Americans, they too are the children of immigrants. We are now called African American because not having the same opportunities as any other cultures in the United States of America. Not having the same opportunities, in turn, would make some unfortunate individuals develop some strain; this pressure, in turn, would make the individuals become …show more content…
I believe the American dream is a convenient label for American culture; specifically, the American dream upholds that all should do whatever they can to be to be rich, being right or wrong. What makes the American dream so captivating is that people can turn to denial in the pursuit of widely accepted social values and goals? For instance, individuals in the U.S. who sell illegal drugs have rejected the culturally acceptable means of making money, but still share the widely accepted cultural value in the U.S. of making money. Thus, a violation can be the result of accepting one norm, but breaking another to pursue the

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