Qualities Of A Good Leader Essay

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In every organisation, leadership is a very important aspect. In fact, the success and the history of any organisation is crafted by the leaders. Effective leadership provides several benefits and enables an organisation to implement effective strategies to meet its goals and objectives. However, leadership is not easy: it takes a lot of courage, focus to become a great leader. Leadership requires self-sacrifices, determination, and honest with yourself as well as your follower. Fortunately, by learning from other people mistakes and from successful, you build your leadership skills. This write-up will focus on the characteristics of a good leader and what it takes to build leadership skills as learnt from Leadership Gold by John C. Maxwell.
Passion and purpose
It is said that an effective leader should keep their feet on the ground and their eyes on the hill. Although there are several traits that makes one a good leader, passion is undoubtedly one of the most traits shared by great leaders. It is the trait that keeps a leader going when their followers are almost giving up. According to the phrase stated earlier, the hill is the future of the people and organisation you are leading while the ground is the current situation. It is only through passion that a leader can influence his or her followers to work towards the set goals and objectives. Passion will drive a leader to work and achieve above expectations. For example, after setting a target of three hundred people by…

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