Qualitative Research : Qualitative And Quantitative Research Essay

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There are two main types of research that can be utilized when conducting a study such as qualitative and quantitative research. Quantitative research involves the collection of numerical data, which is analyzed to prove a hypothesis. Qualitative research is used to gather insight and understanding of a problem and does not focus on numerical data. There are numerous differences between the two methods that can be explored. The qualitative research method is more open and flexible, than quantitative research and focuses on the context of research (Verhoeven & Baal, 2008, p. 112). The difference with quantitative research is its rigidity and use of measureable objectives. For the purpose of the research that will be conducted in the spring regarding alcohol use in college students and parental support the research method will be quantitative research. Even though quantitative research is being used, qualitative research could be used to garner a clearer picture of the type of parental support that is perceived by the participants. The drive will be to find out if younger college students who lack parental support drink more than older students who lack parental support. The use of numerical data qualifies this research as quantitative. Both of these methods require different techniques of data collection. Qualitative research employs the use of observation and open interviews whereas quantitative research utilizes surveys and questionnaires to gather data from…

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