Qualitative Research On Quantitative Research Essay

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When compared to quantitative studies, qualitative studies may be viewed by some as a weaker research approach because data collection is not based on formulas and mathematical equations (Fontes & Piercy, 2000, p.175). Rather, data is collected in a more personal way, through observations, interview questions, documents, and audiovisual information. Participants in the study do not have to be random, rather they can be hand picked by the researcher for specific purposes. Qualitative research provides researchers a way to understand individual perspectives and develop in-depth understandings. Many guidelines are outlined in chapters 7 and 8 (Creswell, 2015, p. 203-264) to ensure researchers employ scientific measures to ensure quality qualitative data. Fontes & Piercy (2000) give practical exercises researchers can conduct to better understand the process of qualitative data. Collecting, Analyzing and interpreting qualitative data, like traditional quantitative data, require a great degree of care and professionalism to validate a studies results.
There are 5 steps in collecting qualitative data. Researchers must identify the participants, gain permission to access the site, collect data through interviews, observations, and documents, record the data, and anticipate ethical issues (Creswell, 2015, p. 204). Many of these steps are also performed in quantitative research, but in different ways. For example, qualitative researchers can target participants they wish to sample…

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