Qualitative Research Methods For Research Design Essay

1496 Words Apr 9th, 2015 null Page
Scientific research was originally developed to determine a solution to a particular problem using various methods of research design. Two common, broad approaches of research design are qualitative and quantitative research. This essay will establish the key differences between qualitative research; the approach to empirical research that relies primarily on the collection of non-numerical data (Christensen, Johnson, Turner, 2014. 362), and quantitative research; the collection of various types of numerical data to answer a given research question (Christensen, Johnson, Turner, 2014. 46), as well as determining which research method would best suit a research project on a criminological issue. Although the fundamental method of conducting research was quantitative, a qualitative method of research design has recently become a popular approach to scientific research.
In order to adequately determine whether to use quantitative or qualitative research methods for the criminological issue research project, a definition as well as the key difference between each research design must first be identified. Qualitative research design is a large-scale term used to encompass a wide range of research methods and methodologies that use an in-depth study in order to reflect complicated, contextual foundations of our social world, unified by their primary dependence on non-numeric forms of data. In simple terms, qualitative methods focus on gaining a true understanding of the social…

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