Essay about Qualitative Research Critique

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Running head: Qualitative Research Critique

Qualitative Research Critique: Retrospective Perception of Difficult Communication
Wene Mawalla
Brock University

The article “Patient Real time and 12 month retrospective perception of difficult communication in the cancer diagnostic period” is written by Throne, S., Armstrong, E., Harris, S.R., Hislop, G., Kim-Sing, C., Oglov, J.L., Oliffe, J.L., & Stajduhar, K.L. through a naturalist setting. This article will attempt to give a systematic while subjective research method used to portray and give meaning to experiences. This article will be reviewed based on plausibility, the trustworthiness, and its significant to to future and current nursing theory or practice.
The title
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It also described age and background information that proved useful in picturing the ongoing of this study. The approach that the researchers recruited volunteers was appropriate and safe for all involved. Although they did not get a population that was as diverse, it was not necessary significant to the research problem.
Data collecting and procedures The method of gathering data was appropriate. They followed strict guidelines. There was plenty of data gathered and the investigators took the extra step in organizing information to make the research clear and direct for the reader. Procedures were well carried out. There was evidence of organization and preplanning. Staff collecting data had obtained a degree in the health services and were underwent further training. This added more quality and trustworthiness to the research. These methods enhanced trustworthiness and provided descriptions that were more than sufficient.
The researchers reported their findings comprehensively and clearly. The researchers provided authenticity through liberal use of quotations from the participants. Each of the themes were later confirmed clearly and explained.
The investigators interpret key findings based on the appropriate cultural context. These are detailed and have an increased qualitative quality through the use of references to support their claims. All major findings are discussed and compared to the literature reviewed

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