Critiquing Qualitative Research In Nursing

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This study qualitative research shows credibility; participants and other within the discipline would be able to recognize the experience as their own and find the truth of the research findings. The researchers stated that, “additional use of reflection and rephrasing of the interviewer’s understanding of comments served as a form of member checking (validating the interviewer’s interpretation with the participant) to increase credibility of the data (Wysong & Driver, 2009, p. 28). Additionally, the researchers conducted an 8-months period to study the phenomenon in order to fully understand the phenomenon. Thus, the accuracy and credibility of the qualitative is verified.

The Critique
Statement of the phenomenon of interest
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It is easy for reader to immediately see the phenomenon of interest and what is the researchers’ purpose in studying it. In addition, the researchers have responsibility to share their perceptions on why what they are studying has significance to the field. In this case, Wysong and Driver tell us that studying some factors contribute to the patients’ perception of nurses’ skill are important in order to improve the caring practices for nurses and to add the knowledge of patients’ perception of nursing …show more content…
According to Lobiondo and Haber, phenomenological method is, “a process of learning and constructing the meaning of human experience through intensive dialogue with persons who are living the experience” (2014, p. 112). This approach accurately describes human events and discovers their essential meanings. Therefore, the researchers use this approach to unveil patients’ perception of nurses’ skills by considering each individual experience and what essential factors that each of that individual take into account in determining whether a nurse is skilled or unskilled. Since the phenomenological method provide a rich and complete description of human experiences and meanings, the choice of phenomenological method for the research is well fitted. This research method utilizes interview data and content analysis of theme to determine patients’ perception of nurses’ skill. Additionally, the researchers use the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) Synergy model for patient care, as a guide, to categorize each data into the three domains in order to ease the content analytical

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