qcf 3 unit 12 Essay

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Unit 12
Assessment and planning with children and young people

1. Understand how to place children and young people at the centre of assessment and planning……

1.2 – Explain how to identify the needs of children and young people…
1.3 – Explain the importance of working with others to assess the needs of children and young people to inform planning…
The best way to go about identifying the needs of children and young people are through observation and information received from all the avenues possible, these may include such people as;
The child/young person – Nobody else will know exactly how they feel unless they are given their right to express how they feel and what they want. Parent/foster parents – Are a great source of
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During this process the child/young person dependant on capacity has the ability to ask for or change things on their routine especially when it comes to free time/choice time. Keeping consistent with this structure allows great permanency planning to take place.
2. Be able to participate in the assessment and planning for children and young people towards the achievement of positive outcomes…
2.3 – Explain how the goals and targets identified will support the achievement of positive outcomes….
The goals and target identified in each child’s/young person’s care file will support the achievement of positive outcomes by encouraging them to do realistic and achievable activities, then praise them for their positive outcome in-turn reinforcing their belief in themselves and having a positive attitude to achieving more (enhancing their wellbeing).
These person centred goals and targets will always be based on an individual and focused on their needs and ability.
2.5 – Explain how to support a child or young person and others to understand and agree the goals, targets and outcomes of the plan….
Within my work setting we support our children and young people to understand and agree goals, targets and outcomes of their individual plans by engaging in communication via;
*Social stories – These enable us to communicate with each child/young person to help them understand a need to do something, when they are going to go

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